He would not give away his money for charity's sake.

The more we know about life, the better we can understand what we read.

Randell needs to improve his employability.

My son still cannot count.

Win was a good-hearted guy.

The hotel can accommodate 300 people.


She advised him to get more exercise.


I hardly think she'd do that.


What are some of the side effects of this drug?

You look a lot like your father when he was your age.

That amount of food will last them for a week.

Do you happen to have the time?

Fast food can be addictive.

This has never bothered me until now.

I spoke to her yesterday.


In the middle of the lake lies the island.

She likes oranges.

Michael spoke with me about you.


May we swim here?

Maples turn red in fall.

Stop that, or I'll fix your wagon.

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I'll leave Soohong alone.

I can see a lady and two dogs in the car.

Elric worked as a lifeguard during the summer.


I didn't know who Pablo was at first.

I saw it coming.

Japan has to reconstruct its economy.

The corners of his lips showed a bluish tinge that really worried the nurse.

We ought to take the teacher's advice.

Nothing else can go wrong.

This question seems to allow two answers.


They have us out-gunned, but we'll have the element of surprise.

Is Roxana related to Kenton?

Sharada managed to escape from the room where his kidnappers had kept him locked up.

The newly elected president is something of a poet.

Piotr is interested in soccer.

Ian and Christie don't see much of each other anymore.

I don't dream.

Are you ever wrong?

This is "free of charge".

What are those people doing?

My back is hurting again.

I'm not as observant as I should be.

The whole system is distorted.

An often bankrupt developer of real estate repeatedly claims that his companies are enormously successful, while two lawsuits characterize his so-called university as a fraudulent enterprise.

Jack didn't get paid for it.

Do you have a five-pound note?

Why would Panos be here?


One of them is an actor, who is going to pretend to murder someone.


This soup is really delicious, right?

If you have the least problem, you can contact me by email, or if it's really urgent, come and meet me in my office.

His humor is very witty, typically French.

Todd asked Varda if she knew where he could buy an assault rifle.

I can't imagine that it's true.

You got divorced, didn't you?

He took the car on trial.


I'm moving, so I need boxes for my things.

He came first. That's why he got a good seat.

Marta loves you.

Bring wool socks for the mountains.

Loukas said that there was one left.

I'm strong enough.

Have you sat the maths exam?

Mott won't be disappointed.

Ofer and his wife both have to work to make ends meet.

We've been practicing hard.

I was wet.

That ruined the mood at the dinner table yesterday.

We ought to take the teacher's advice.

How was the weather yesterday?

Petr is going to be so happy to see you.


She's in Boston.

I'm worried about everybody.

She was steaming with anger.

The CEO is trying to quash these unfounded rumors about a merger.

Sorry, I was woolgathering.

Syed has a fertile imagination.

In English, "black tie" can mean more than just a tie that is black in color.

Are you still interested in learning how to speak French?

Knudsen has been detained by the police.

You should teach your children to be quiet at the table and only speak when they are spoken to.

They embarked on the new project full of hope.

The International Sun-Earth Explorer 3 (ISEE-3) spacecraft made the first ever direct cometary measurements on September 11, 1985 as it flew through the tail of Comet Giacobini-Zinner.

Only six people were present at the party.

Don't you want to put in another disc? We've been listening to this one for two hours.

Three soldiers were wounded.


Irish is a very beautiful language.


He fell asleep immediately.

Everybody here knows your name.

She disassembled a TV set.

You don't have to say any more.

Bradford said he wanted me to spend the summer in Boston with him.

Are you sure we're allowed to swim here?

All your entertainment in one place.


Ritalynne came over and helped me.

I couldn't keep him away.

He's got a thick beard.

American politics are interesting to watch, especially during a presidential election.

They're our clients.

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I was ill, otherwise I would have attended the meeting.

She is not beautiful.

I thought you looked depressed.

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You like seafood, don't you?

Cory gave this to me before he died.

I didn't understand.


The prince succeeded to the throne.

Why would Jerald be angry?

Their hearts were beating very fast.

They had fun with us.

This must be difficult for you to understand.

I'll be on my way now.

I didn't know you liked dogs.

Old people were tricked by the shop assistant.

You don't have to listen to what he says.

This house has a solid foundation.

Take us with you, Vilhelm.

She left her children.

Tatoeba is a translation website.

Are you here to spy on me?

We enjoyed ourselves at the seaside all day.


I have never heard him speak ill of others.


Ariel sold his car to Mick.

She ruined me.

I've thought a lot about it.

If List didn't write it, who did?

Pierette didn't even say hi to me.

This movie is highly recommended.

Who're you calling now?

He dropped the cup and broke it.

Please get me a pretty girl.


You didn't want me to starve, did you?

Saify didn't appear to recognize me.

I have a lot of patients.

Donnie couldn't afford a high-priced lawyer.

Normally speaking, Chinese people consider rice to be an important food; the majority of Westerners consider fast food to be an important food.


Do you really care what they think?

The strengthening of competitiveness on export markets is an urgent need.

Walter and Sergio watched John swim laps.


There's no time to tell you everything you need to know.

Your problem is you don't get enough exercise.

Can you recommend a good upholsterer?

I need to see the doctor.

Sriram might know why Barton wasn't at yesterday's meeting.

"Whose dresses are these?" "They are Nabila's."

They were satisfied with the meals.

I thought I heard something.

With whom do I have the honor to speak?

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This is an unusual situation.

We've got a problem back here.

It's late already. Hurry up!

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We need you to do your job.

What is your favorite sports team?

Read this passage and translate it into Japanese.


I want this photograph developed as soon as possible.

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I bark like a dog.

I've had enough of the rain and the daily hum-drum.

She may not remember me, but I do remember her.


Where did you fight them?


What did the dog say to the other?

Let's get real.

Her kindness touched me.

Blair is unaware of what has happened.

Darrell's not doing that many drugs.

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Put the gun away.

Adam spent three years in prison.

He spoke well of his son.

You're not the only one who bought one of these.

The bus stopped and we got on.


Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang are an unbeatable team.